Tyler's Blade

Cold Iron Cleaver

weapon (melee)

Cold Iron Cleaver (Light One handed, Slashing d8, 18-20, x3) (+4 Terran Defending Cleaver of Mighty Cleaving (lol))


This crude-looking heavy knife was found in a frost giant’s sack, and put to effective use by Tyler in battle. Forged from cold iron, the blade has spent years splitting bone for the cold hands of frost giant after frost giant, and has burned at the touch of the human who wields it and reveled in the heat of the blood it has drawn in his service.

Tyler’s Blade (Intelligent Cold iron cleaver)

Intelligent: Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 17; AL: N; Speaks/reads Auran, Draconic, Terran & Common, also telepathic. Has 120’ darkvision and hearing. Ego 25

3 Lesser Powers: Bluff +13, Intimidate +13, Bless 3/day

1 Greater Power: Lesser Globe of Invulnerability, 1/day

Special Purpose: Slay Air Elementals and Flying Creatures

Special Purpose Power: Dimension Door on self and wielder

Tyler’s blade does not care for a ‘better name’. It is utterly unimaginative, and prefers problems that can be solved by swift chopping motions. It will be very impatient with overly complex plans, though it is willing to wait for its wielder to sneak up on a foe if it is powerful or has many allies.

Tyler's Blade

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