Meteor Maker

Dragonbone composite longbow

weapon (ranged)

Composite Longbow +4, Corrosive, Acidic Burst, Terran
Meteor Maker

Intelligent: Int 17, Wis 17, Cha 10; AL: CG; Speaks/reads Auran, Draconic, Terran & Common, also telepathic. Has 120’ darkvision and hearing. Ego 25

3 Lesser Powers: Minor Image 1/day; Major Image 1/day; Daze Monster 3/day

1 Greater Power: Locate Creature 3/day

Special Purpose: Defeat/Slay Iuz and his minions

Special Purpose Power: Poison (spell)

Meetchyermaker is, above all else, arrogant. It will only reluctantly allow itself to be set aside for a melee weapon should the foe close, and will attempt to have its wielder move back and continue firing if at all possible. It absolutely believes in its supremacy above all other weapons, and will abandon anyone who tries to carry a ‘back-up’ bow.


This composite longbow at first glance is of smooth white wood, perhaps ash. Closer inspection reveals it to be two joined ribs of a dragon, with a vertebrae holding the two halves together. It is strung with dragon sinew, and smooth as glass. When drawn, the reek of acid can be tasted on the air.

Arrows fired from this bow seem to travel faster than is possible, almost instantly hitting their mark at any range, making marking the path of flight nigh-impossible. The wielder can will the arrows to leave a streak of light behind that rapidly fades, and looks exactly like the blazing streak of a meteorite. This functions only at night, and is purely decorative, but will allow an observer to track an arrow back to the firer.

Meteor Maker

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