Black Dragonscale Amulet

just like it sounds


Black Dragon Amulet
This amulet is a single black dragonscale, about the size of a large man’s hand. Etched onto the scale is a rune commonly associated with abjuration. It is hung upon a thong of what the trained eye will discern to be black dragonhide. The wearer of this amulet gains Damage Reduction 3/adamantium, 3 points of Natural armor, and acid resistance 20. The amulet radiates powerful evocation magic. It is a unique item that could only be duplicated by an earth elemental god.


This amulet was created by Ariana and Mara in the Earth node of the ToEE. With a single rune of abjuration etched into it, Ariana’s intent for this item was clear: protection for the wearer. The element of earth is the perfect source of power for enchantments of strength, durability, and imperviousness. As black dragons are of the Acid subtype, and Zuggtmoy’s favorite thereby, items crafted from them are especially effective at absorbing the manifestation’s energy.

Black Dragonscale Amulet

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