Martin Ichorthane

A badly burned wizard the party rescued from near-certain death in the Fire Node.


The party is aware of the following abilities that Martin possesses:

Spells Known: Burning Hands, all cantrips

Feats: Energy Substitution (acid), Craft Wondrous Item, Scribe Scroll

Skills: Alchemy +16, Craft: Gemcutter +14, Craft: Metalworker +14, Knowledge (Arcana) +15, Knowledge (The Planes) +15, Spellcraft +15. Other than the Crafting skills, which the party has seen evidence of, the others may actually be Bluff +200, but he’s got a pretty honest face. :-)


Martin is something of an oddity to the Fatal Foursome. Trapped in magical Silence and beset by fire elemental bats, he was horribly burnt and had inhaled enough flame to severely impact his health. Arianna’s magic has healed his physical wounds, but there are emotional scars that perhaps even time will not heal. The small collar he wears on his wrist, with the name ‘Gem’ set on a brass plaque, hints of a lost familiar, and when not engaged in conversation, he seems to mutter a running dialogue about Senshock and bloody vengeance. When the Flannee is engaged in conversation, it is clear he is a studied wizard, and the Ichorthane name is a prestigious one, mentioned frequently enough in the history books that all save Mara had seen references to it in their studies of history or arcane lore. If he is indeed a scion of that thaumaturgical line, then the party’s lack of an arcane caster has ended for the better.

His familiar is not the only thing Hedrack’s pet wizard took from Martin either. His current spell book appears to be dozens of small scraps of leather, parchment, cloth, and even a few flat stones with notes scratched on them that he carries in his pack and brings out to sort and study when the opportunity arises. His only other gear of note are some crude sandals he apparently cobbled from old bedding, his robe that is little more than a kilt it is so badly scorched, and a cudgel he apparently wrested from a tripod that was set beneath the fire manifestation in the room where he was found by the party. Lastly, he carries what must be an empty bullseye lantern hooked into his robe’s sash.

Since Arianna healed his injuries he has made a strong attachment to her, and as she is the only other person in the group who qualifies as ‘learned’ (Knowledge: The Planes, Arcana) he spends a lot of time trying to engage her in conversation about the nodes, the Temple, and its leadership and how to fight them. He is also clearly impressed by the prowess of the three more martial members of the group, and accords them due respect

Martin Ichorthane

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